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WCNS Specialty
The key to success is STRONG coverage and relationships. WestCoast is a company whose primary goal is to provide quality service to all of our clients and to represent a select few premium manufacturers. We are a full service brokerage, with outside sales reps, Spanish sales reps, inside sales, full-time office support, distributor sales, in-store demos,product sample and literature distribution, health fares, event support, educational dinner trainings, in-store product trainings, consumer seminars, merchandising assistance,chain store promotion coordination and much more.

Excellent Coverage: Full Southern California coverage San Diego up through midstate (with sub-brokers in Northern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho).
WestCoast Natural Sales’ is committed to servicing key retail stores monthly and bi-monthly, which helps maintain our steady growth. Follow-up and service are a TOP PRIORITY.

Manufacturer Incentive
WestCoast brings long-standing buyer relationships in many stores and provides the field support for the manufacturer’s at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee salesperson.

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Consumer Advertising
Properly placed advertising contributes a great deal to product exposure and sales for WestCoast vendors. Retailers recognize strong support from manufacturers and become more eager to sell the products.

Education & Training
Training is essential. We have a company educator who has had over 11 years of experience in the health food industry. It is essential to educate on new products, specials, and in-store promotions. WestCoast Natural Sales meets regularly for product trainings and to develop strong sales strategies. Manufacturers are scheduled to present products, train, develop FAQ’s, sample product, discuss sales strategies, and the occasional ride-along to store buyers and key accounts. We also coordinate off-site dinner trainings where manufacturers are provided the luxury of an uninterrupted chance to directly train store staff members on their products.

Seminars (Consumer)
WestCoast also have extensive experience with consumer seminars with various respected health professionals at many different venues such as Whole Foods Market, Lassen’s, Henry’s, Sprouts, Pharmaca and smaller independents. This allows the manufacturer to educate the public directly and generate long lasting brand loyalty in a given area.


WestCoast Demonstrations
WestCoast coordinates a comprehensive demonstration and promotional program. This is the best way to introduce your products to your store buyers and consumers, yielding an increase of sales per store of at least 10%. All of our demo reps have received extensive training and experience.

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